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    Selection of World Brand Component Materials

    Product Center

    Hot-sale Product MORE
    Fully automatic laundry and condensate production line

    Independent research and development of laundry condensate water-soluble film packaging machine, accounting for 80% of the global market share.

    Consultation hotline


    Permanent maintenance, global service, and strive to impress every customer.

    30 Years of Industry Experience

    China's packaging machinery industry well-known brand;
    It is widely used in food, daily chemical, medicine, cosmetics and many other fields.
    Over the years, the company's development has been recognized and supported by well-known enterprises in various industries.

    Strong production strength

    It has a technology center, which provides a strong guarantee for the technical research and development of products and assistant design. It has CNC lathes, vertical processing centers, CNC laser cutting machines and other equipment.

    Strong mechanical strength

    China's packaging machinery is recognized as a well-known brand;
    Automation packaging machinery leading brand;
    More than 40 patent certificates, such as appearance patents and invention patents, make Dade more confident to walk in

    The frontier of the industry;

    Serve every customer intimately

    Provide technical after-sales support and services in a timely manner throughout the day.
    7*24-hour solution mechanism to protect your rights and interests at all times;
    Provide customized mechanical services to make Dade products more suitable for your needs;
    Can be customized according to customer requirements, fully automated unmanned packaging production line;

    About us

    Guangzhou Dade Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of packaging machinery and filling equipment, which integrates R&D, production and sales. The company mainly concentrates on the production and sales of packaging machinery, filling machinery, automatic labeling machine and related non-standard complete sets of equipment in food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agricultural products and other industries, and provides OEM raw materials processing. Packaging service


    Cooperative client

    Professional and considerate service, let us become loyal partners of customers


    • About quality, about price, about cost performance


      Every customer wants to get the best benefit with the least effort, but he has to face the reality. Some customers think it's just a machine, just can pack Ok casually, don't need to invest so much, because I only use it in the peak season. There are also customers like good, quality, they feel th…

    • Walk into the world of customers and listen to their stories


      There are always more or less diaphragms between people, which should be inevitable, because we live in different environments and accept different ideas. To eliminate these barriers, we need to go into their world and understand their ideas. Everyone's experience is different, there will be differe…

    • With gratitude, everything will be fine


      At a very early age, parents have been educated. Whether they help you or play tricks on you, they must be grateful.

    Contact information


    Shen Manager:13929556976

    Email: dadebzjx@126.com

    ADD: No. 9, Shimiaotan Industrial Zone, Haikou Street,
    Xiameaocun, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

    Online Message

    Unified Service Hotline



    Code Sweeping and
    Wechat Consulting

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